Volvo’s EM90: Fully Electric Premium MPV

Volvo Cars has introduced the EM90, a fully electric premium MPV designed to cater to diverse customer needs. The EM90 expands Volvo’s portfolio and reflects the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Why It Matters

This vehicle marks Volvo’s entry into the electric MPV segment, a move to tap into growing market demand, especially in Asia. It aligns with Volvo’s goal to be fully electric by 2030 and reinforces its reputation for safety and innovation.

Key Points

  1. Market Expansion: This model enters the popular multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment, starting with China, the world’s largest car market.
  2. Model Portfolio Growth: Following the EX30 small SUV, the EM90 is the second expansion of Volvo’s electric model lineup.
  3. Sustainability Commitment: Volvo aims to become a fully electric car maker by 2030, promoting sustainability and profitable growth.
  4. Versatile Heritage: Volvo’s history of versatile cars, like the Duett, inspires the EM90’s design.
  5. Premium MPV Features: The vehicle offers a dual purpose – a family vehicle and executive business transport.

Bottom Line

The Volvo EM90 brings innovation and versatility to the electric MPV segment, aligning with Volvo’s sustainability goals and appealing to a broader audience. It signifies Volvo’s commitment to a sustainable future and sets a new standard for premium electric vehicles. Customers in China can now pre-order this exciting addition to Volvo’s lineup.


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