Wallbox Pulsar Plus Achieves Prestigious ENERGY STAR Certification, Reinforces Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Wallbox, a global leader in EV charging solutions, announces its Pulsar Plus has attained ENERGY STAR certification, elevating the device’s status as a benchmark for energy efficiency in the United States.

What’s Happening

Wallbox, a preeminent provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management systems globally, has disclosed that its Pulsar Plus model has garnered the coveted ENERGY STAR Certification. This achievement underscores the remarkable energy efficiency of Wallbox’s primary product in the American market.

Why It Matters

The ENERGY STAR program, orchestrated and maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a widely recognized insignia for energy efficiency. The distinctive blue label offers reliable, unbiased data that both individuals and organizations utilize to make well-informed purchasing decisions concerning appliances and electronics. The recent certification is poised to fortify Wallbox’s brand reliability, considering recent statistics revealing that 68% of consumers intentionally bought an ENERGY STAR certified product last year.

Key Points

Douglas Alfaro, Chief Business Officer at Wallbox, expressed his delight, stating, “The acquisition of the ENERGY STAR certification for Pulsar Plus in the United States paves the way for fresh market opportunities for us.” He also highlighted that “74% of the U.S is currently encompassed by EV charger rebates and incentive schemes, and the demand for energy-efficiency standards is projected to escalate.”

The Pulsar Plus, Wallbox’s internationally best-selling smart home EV charger that’s compatible with all EVs, is now fully produced at Wallbox’s North American manufacturing base in Arlington, Texas.

Bottom Line

The Pulsar Plus’ ENERGY STAR certification makes it eligible for several residential and commercial incentive programs across the US. Wallbox encourages users to take advantage of its EV Incentive finder to identify current incentives, and also advises reaching out to their local utility providers for more comprehensive information on rebates. This endorsement cements Wallbox’s standing in the market and offers consumers enhanced confidence in the Pulsar Plus as a leading, climate-friendly solution to their charging needs.

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