Wireless Charging Leader InductEV Secures Three New Patents

InductEV, a pioneer in high-powered wireless charging systems for commercial vehicles, has been granted three new patents by the U.S. Patent Office. This brings the company’s total patent portfolio to 18, with 23 more pending.

These patents showcase InductEV’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to optimizing real-world applications of wireless charging for the commercial transport sector.

Driving Innovation Through Real-World Experience

“Our relentless focus on product improvement, R&D, and field-based knowledge has driven these patents,” says Tony Calabro, CTO and Chief Product Officer at InductEV. “Each patent exemplifies our emphasis on practical application development with continuous improvement.”

Revolutionizing Taxi Queues with Wireless Charging

One patent covers the company’s innovative solution for taxi queues. Wireless charging stations embedded in the pavement enable idling taxis to recharge their batteries while waiting for passengers, transforming waiting time into a productive opportunity. This technology is already powering a taxi fleet in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is poised to become crucial for the growth of autonomous taxi fleets.

Efficient and Reliable Energy Transfer

Another patent secures InductEV’s air-cooled subsurface vault technology. This design features grates on both sides of the charging station, enabling optimal air circulation and efficient energy transfer. Additionally, the system eliminates the need for power electronics cabinets at the installation site, further enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance requirements.

Enhancing System Safety

InductEV’s third patent focuses on passive arc detection and mitigation. This technology ensures safe operation by automatically recognizing and eliminating potential arcing events within the system.

Field-Proven Technology with Global Impact

“Our extensive installations across North America and Europe have provided valuable insights into optimizing our technology,” adds Mr. Calabro. “Over a decade of R&D is now yielding significant results, with patent awards and rapidly increasing commercial adoption.”

Leading the Charge Towards Sustainability

InductEV’s wireless charging network has delivered over 1.5 GWh of energy to customers, equivalent to saving 650 metric tons of CO2 emissions. As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, it plays a crucial role in driving the transition towards a sustainable future for transportation.


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