XCharge Secures Second Investment from Shell Ventures

XCharge Group, recognized globally for its battery-integrated charging solutions, has recently clinched another investment from Shell Ventures. This follows closely on the heels of a fruitful Series-B funding round in 2021 secured from the same investor.

Why It Matters

This latest infusion of funds from Shell Ventures is geared to supercharge XCharge’s aggressive growth blueprints, further cementing its stronghold in the fiercely competitive electric vehicle (EV) charging arena.

XCharge Secures Second Investment from Shell Ventures

Key Points

  • Stellar History: XCharge, established in 2015, has consistently led the EV charging domain, notably in battery-integrated fast charging. By 2022, the company has proudly dispatched over 40,000 chargers to international business allies and reported commendable net profits.
  • Expansion Blueprint: XCharge aims to double its personnel count within the forthcoming two years, showcasing its bullish outlook on the industry.
  • Strategic Funding Utilization: The latest capital will be strategically allocated towards:
    • Amplifying its battery-integrated product offerings to cater to the soaring fast-charging demands in the EV domain.
    • Erecting a state-of-the-art R&D hub in Hamburg, Germany, reiterating its pledge to technological advancement.
    • Initiating a manufacturing base in Texas, U.S., dedicated to crafting EV charging solutions tailored for the U.S. grid, ensuring enhanced ROI for clientele.
  • North American Presence: Aatish Patel, XCharge North America’s President and Co-founder, expressed enthusiasm over broadening their footprint in North America. Patel emphasized their commitment to assimilating PV solar power into future models, ensuring seamless installation, robust power grid stability, and unwavering safety, aligning with the company’s vision for a greener, cleaner energy-driven world.
  • Innovation in Hamburg: Parallel to these ventures, XCharge is also on the cusp of launching an exclusive facility in Hamburg. This facility will be the epicenter for R&D, rigorous product testing, and the birthplace of advanced high-power charging tech. To support this initiative, they intend to onboard seasoned engineers and product maestros. An illustration of their cutting-edge solutions is the recent unveiling of a 400 kW high-power charger that promises a complete charge in a mere 10 minutes.

Bottom Line

With sustained backing from Shell Ventures and a clear vision for the future, XCharge is unequivocally poised to scale new heights in the EV charging industry, driving innovation and sustainable solutions for a greener planet.


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