XPeng Unveils SEPA2.0 Architecture, Setting the Stage for Future Smart EVs

What’s Happening: Chinese smart electric vehicle (EV) company XPeng Inc. has revealed its next-generation end-to-end integrated technology architecture, SEPA2.0 (Smart Electric Platform Architecture). This new architecture will serve as the foundation for the company’s future production models, including the XPENG G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV, which is set to debut at Auto Shanghai 2023.

Why It Matters: SEPA2.0 offers a range of advanced architectural solutions, reducing R&D cycles by 20% and enabling 80% of components to be compatible with new models. This will allow XPeng to meet diverse customer needs while optimizing costs. The architecture can support multiple vehicle platforms and types, including sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, wagons, SUVs, MPVs, and pickup trucks.

Key Points:

  • XPeng’s in-house Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) will come standard on all future models for the Chinese market. With SEPA2.0, ADAS software model adaptation costs will be reduced by 70% and overall R&D efficiency will increase by 30%.
  • The Xmart OS In-car Operating System will optimize control of cabin functions using AI, supercomputers, and foundation models. The SEPA2.0-based R&D platform will lower software adaptation costs by 85%, shorten voice software R&D cycles by 50%, and reduce the cost of voice assistant services by 50%.
  • The X-EEA Electrical and Electronic Architecture will optimize overall vehicle R&D costs by 50%, shorten software iteration cycles by 30%, and increase OTA update speed by 300%.
  • The 800 Volt High Voltage Silicon Carbide (SiC) Platform will enable industry-leading superfast charging, increasing battery charging speed by 50% over the previous generation.
  • XPeng plans to build out a smart manufacturing system by 2025, with all manufacturing facilities integrating SEPA2.0 through technology upgrades.

Bottom Line: XPeng’s unveiling of SEPA2.0 marks a significant step forward in the smart EV industry, enabling the company to optimize costs, improve efficiency, and deliver a wide range of vehicle types to meet diverse customer needs. As a result, XPeng is well-positioned to redefine mobility experiences and strengthen its position in the global EV market.


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