ZF Propels Commercial Vehicle Electrification AxTrax 2 Axle Drive Systems

What’s Happening

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division has underscored its dedication to the fully electric future of transport by revealing its latest suite of eMobility products. The new offerings now encompass all-electric central drives, axle drives, and eComponents, suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles and trailers. The modular e-driveline systems, which provide quiet, emission-free operation, were recently unveiled at ZF’s Global Technology Day in Friedrichshafen. Production for the advanced AxTrax 2 drives is set to commence in 2024.

Why It Matters

As global efforts to reduce carbon emissions continue, the transition to electric power for commercial vehicles has become a crucial part of the sustainability strategy for many companies. ZF’s newly unveiled AxTrax 2, part of a broader eMobility kit, enhances the capacity for vehicle manufacturers to transition to electric power. The new electric drive kit, complete with scalable axle and central drive systems, provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to electrify their fleets, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly transport industry.

Key Points

The AxTrax 2, offered in two variants, is capable of providing continuous power of 210 kW or 380 kW in the dual variant, thus making it suitable for light delivery vehicles through to 44-ton trucks and trailers. The system’s design optimizes space for cargo, passenger cabins, and batteries, increasing design flexibility for future vehicle concepts. Fully integrated and synchronized with key vehicle functions, it enhances vehicle safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the AxTrax 2 can recover electrical energy when braking, storing it temporarily in a battery to support the truck’s drive, thereby reducing fuel or energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Bottom Line

ZF’s launch of the next-generation AxTrax 2 axle drive system positions the company as a leading contributor to the electrification of the commercial vehicle sector. The comprehensive, modular eMobility kit offers scalable solutions for manufacturers aiming to transition to electric power, ultimately propelling the shift towards a more sustainable future in transportation. As a result, ZF solidifies its standing as a preferred eMobility development partner for leading global truck, coach, and bus brands.


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