Automobili Pininfarina Thrives in 2023: Record Sales, Luxe Concepts, and Top Talent

Automobili Pininfarina, the Italian hypercar manufacturer, celebrates a record-breaking 2023 marked by soaring sales, groundbreaking concepts, and prestigious industry recognition.

Bespoke Hypercars and Global Expansion: Deliveries of the Battista, Italy’s fastest road-legal car, reached new heights, attracting discerning clients worldwide. To meet this demand, Pininfarina expanded its network with new retailers in Toronto and Salt Lake City.

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Paving the Future of Luxury: 2023 saw the unveiling of three visionary vehicles: the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, a tribute to racing legend Nino Farina, the PURA Vision concept, a stunning electric SUV, and the B95 Barchetta, a limited-edition hyper Barchetta. These models showcase Pininfarina’s commitment to bold design, sustainable materials, and pushing the boundaries of electric performance.

Automobili Pininfarina Thrives in 2023: Record Sales, Luxe Concepts, and Top Talent

PURA Vision: A Design Revolution: The PURA Vision, a sleek and spacious electric SUV, embodies Pininfarina’s new design philosophy. Its striking features, like the narrow glasshouse and tri-opening doors, redefine luxury for the electric age. This concept earned accolades, including the “Best Use of Materials in Design” award from CarDesign Spain and the “Platinum Award” at the London Design Awards.

Dave Amantea: A Design Visionary: Pininfarina’s Chief Design Officer, Dave Amantea, was recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of their “Ones to Watch” for his work on the PURA Vision. This recognition underscores Pininfarina’s commitment to design innovation and its leadership in the electric luxury space.

Executive Team Bolsters Growth: Paolo Dellachà, the mastermind behind the Battista, took the helm as CEO in February. Duncan Forrester joined as Chief Communications Officer, bringing extensive experience in automotive start-ups and electrification. Anthony Tocco, previously Director of Client Relations and Sales, was promoted to Chief Sales Officer, solidifying Pininfarina’s leadership team for the next chapter of growth.

Looking Ahead: 2023 was a pivotal year for Pininfarina, with record sales, groundbreaking concepts, and industry recognition cementing its position as a leader in the electric luxury car market. With a strengthened leadership team and a focus on innovation, Pininfarina is poised for continued success in the years to come.


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