BMW’s E-Semi-Trailers Achieve Massive Fuel Savings

BMW Group Logistik, partnering with Trailer Dynamics, has successfully conducted tests on an electrically powered semi-trailer. These tests were conducted over varied terrains and distances, replicating real-world logistics scenarios.

Why It Matters

BMW’s venture into electric semi-trailers represents a significant stride towards a sustainable and efficient transport system. The successful tests highlight the potential of electrified semi-trailers to considerably reduce fuel consumption and increase the range of electric trucks, furthering BMW’s commitment to achieving complete climate neutrality throughout its value chain.

BMW's E-Semi-Trailers Achieve Massive Fuel Savings

Key Points

  • Fuel Savings: The semi-trailer demonstrated an average fuel saving of over 46% on short and medium distances, and more than 48% on longer distances.
  • E-Trailer Features: Unlike traditional semi-trailers, Trailer Dynamics’ e-trailer has its battery and an electric drive axle that supports the truck’s engine, ensuring optimized fuel economy.
  • Test Insights:
    • Over medium distances around BMW’s Dingolfing location, there was a 46.59% average reduction in diesel consumption.
    • Long-distance tests between Leipzig and Mamming resulted in diesel savings of over 48% on average.
    • When used with an electric tractor, a 100% CO2 reduction was achieved, covering more than 600 kilometers without a recharge.
  • Trailer Dynamics’ Vision: The company aims to substantially reduce carbon emissions with their e-trailers, striving towards sustainable, zero-emission logistics.

Bottom Line

The innovative e-semi-trailers offer both environmental and economic advantages, with potential CO2 reductions and cost savings. As BMW Group pushes forward with their ‘Green Transport Logistics’ strategy, e-trailers may represent a crucial component in the future of sustainable transport logistics. Their success could not only benefit BMW but also set a precedent for other logistics companies to adopt more eco-friendly transportation methods.


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