Carrefour Énergies Surpasses 100 EV Charging Stations in France

What’s Happening: Carrefour Énergies, a subsidiary of the retail giant Carrefour, has reached a milestone with over 100 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in France. This makes Carrefour the first network in the country to have more than 850 charging points, with half being high-power stations (up to 300 kW).

Why It Matters: This development highlights Carrefour’s commitment to electrifying France’s regions and making electric mobility accessible to as many people as possible. By expanding the availability of EV charging infrastructure across urban and rural areas, Carrefour Énergies is supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in the country while offering a new local service powered by 100% green energy.

Key Points:

  • Carrefour Énergies was launched in April 2022 and has since equipped over a hundred hypermarkets with EV charging stations.
  • The company plans to add 200 more stores to its network by the end of 2023.
  • Carrefour Énergies has partnered with Allego and Driveco to build and operate the charging infrastructure.
  • Allego has been installing charging terminals for Carrefour hypermarkets and plans to open 100 new stations in the next 12 months.
  • Driveco recently started fitting out supermarkets and has opened its first two stations in the car parks of Carrefour’s Vire and Estaires Market stores, aiming to have 600 stations by 2025.

Bottom Line: Carrefour Énergies is playing a crucial role in expanding EV charging infrastructure across France, making electric mobility more accessible and convenient. By partnering with Allego and Driveco, the company is working towards its ambitious target of 5,000 charging points and 800 stations by 2025. The charging stations provide various charging options, from comfort charging (22 kW) to rapid and ultra-rapid charging (50 to 300 kW), catering to all types of mobility. Additionally, Carrefour Énergies offers one hour of free 22-kW charging for loyalty card or Carrefour PASS card holders, a benefit valued between €3 and €6. So far, over 65,000 charging hours have been given away for free to users since the first station opened.


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