Cenntro Electric Group Delivers Electric Vans to Serbia’s Postal Service

Cenntro Electric Group Limited, a forerunner in electric vehicle technology, has officially delivered 31 All-Electric Logistar 200 (LS200) vans to the Post of Serbia. The LS200 vans will begin service in the city of Novi Sad, with a launch ceremony graced by Novi Sad’s Mayor, Milan Đurić, and the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević.

Why It Matters

This delivery aligns with Serbia’s overarching commitment to environmentally-friendly initiatives, advancing their goal of carbon reduction and lessening greenhouse gas emissions. The Post of Serbia, as the country’s premier postal service, holds the distinction of being the largest logistic entity spanning the entirety of the Serbian Republic. Integrating electric vehicles into their fleet further solidifies their dedication to sustainability.

Key Points

  • The LS200 will become operational for city-center deliveries by August’s end.
  • The vehicle boasts:
    • A maximum payload of 2304 lbs.
    • A cargo volume of 165.9 cubic feet.
    • A 41.5 kWh liquid-cooled battery, offering a 164-mile range.
    • Fast charging capabilities – 20% to 80% in just 45 minutes.
  • The LS200 is versatile, available in three configurations: cargo box, van, and pick-up.
  • This model is a component of Cenntro’s broader Logistar range, spanning vehicles from Class 1 to Class 8, tailored for urban light goods and parcel delivery.

Bottom Line

Chairman and CEO of Cenntro, Peter Wang, expressed gratitude for the partnership, noting Serbia’s trailblazing role in sustainable development. Wang stated, “Serbia continuously commits to promoting electric vehicle adoption. The Post of Serbia stands out as a leading public company regarding regional innovation. We’re elated to be a part of their green journey.” The LS200, epitomizing adaptability, demonstrates Cenntro’s prowess in addressing modern urban transportation needs while prioritizing ecological responsibility.


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