Chargeway Unveils Chargeway 2.0: Streamlined EV Charging

Chargeway, the pioneering Portland-based EV charging solutions provider, has just launched Chargeway 2.0. This significant update introduces a revamped user interface and innovative features to enhance the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience.

Why It Matters

Chargeway 2.0 is set to simplify EV charging and trip planning, making it more accessible and convenient for users. The real-time station availability updates, personalized charging estimates, and weather-informed trip planning ensure a seamless EV journey, saving users valuable time.

Key Points

  • Redesigned User Interface: Chargeway 2.0 boasts a sleek new UI that facilitates effortless navigation across charging stations and trip planning options, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Real-Time Station Updates: Users can now access real-time information about the availability of charging stations from major networks, helping them make informed decisions while on the road.
  • Enhanced Trip Planner: The update includes an advanced trip planner that considers weather conditions, driving speed, and recommends optimal charging power levels for efficient energy use during trips.
  • Accurate Charge Time Estimates: Chargeway 2.0 provides precise charge time estimates for each station and charger, tailored to the user’s specific EV model and battery settings, enhancing charging efficiency.
  • Personalization: The new vehicle profile feature allows users to customize their EV’s appearance within the app, offering a uniquely individualized approach to station finding and trip planning.
  • Founder’s Perspective: Matt Teske, Chargeway’s Founder and CEO, highlights the depth of improvements in Chargeway 2.0, emphasizing the time-saving benefits offered by real-time station availability and tailored charging time estimates.

Bottom Line

Chargeway’s latest update, Chargeway 2.0, marks a significant step forward in simplifying the EV charging experience. With an intuitive user interface, real-time station updates, and personalized trip planning, this release enhances convenience and efficiency for EV drivers. By providing valuable time-saving features, Chargeway continues its commitment to making EV charging accessible and straightforward. The update is available for download on both iOS and Android devices starting November 10th.


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