Clean Motion has now started a total of six collaboration projects for optimization of Re:volt. The work on the projects has begun, and the goal is to roll out the first commercial pilot fleets during the coming fall. Another four projects will start in the spring. The projects cover most of the typical uses-cases of urban transport and together they will contribute to a complete customer offering for the European market. The ordering of Re:volt opens this summer.

During the fall of 2021, Clean Motion had dialogues with many companies in the last-mile segment. The purpose has been to find relevant partners to optimize and complete final versions of Re:volt to suit different uses-cases. Several of these partners are now in place, and the work is underway. The selected companies operate in retail, food deliveries, pharmacology, postal, and packages.

“This is an important part of our process to make Re:volt fit for the market, as we want the vehicle to have as large an impact as possible, we choose to work with real customers, in real situations.”, says Christoffer Sveder, Director Commercial Operations at Clean Motion.

Christoffer continues, “We will start another four projects in the spring, but after that, we assess that we have good coverage of possible use areas. The total pilot fleet will be 50-60 vehicles. The official launch of Re:volt is planned for the summer, and then we will also start taking orders for delivery in 2023.”

Re:volt will be sold in a number of configurations designed for different types of businesses. The customer collaborations that are carried out focus on the following areas:

  • Parcels and mail delivery – Re:volt for deliveries of smaller packages, and fast deliveries in large cities – Many starts and stops with smart loading and unloading.
  • Temperature-sensitive cargo – Re:volt for temperature-controlled transportation – Focus on energy-efficient temperature control in the transport space.
  • Pallet freight and heavier goods – Re:volt for larger packages and pallets deliveries – Focus on loading / unloading heavier goods.
  • Maintenance and service – Re:volt as a service vehicle – Adapted for park and property management and craftsmen. With intelligent storage and integrated tool loading.

Production of the first fleets for the commercial pilots will start later this year. The goal of the pilots is data collection and verification ahead of a full-scale rollout in the European market in early 2023.

The company believes that the market for light and agile transport vehicles in Europe is finally mature and will be the market that leads the shift in electromobility for the transport sector. In terms of existing partners alone, the combined need is around 3,500 vehicles in the coming three-year period.

Göran Folkesson, CEO of Clean Motion, “It has great market potential. There are about 32 million light transport vehicles in Europe alone, and the vast majority of these are today powered by diesel. With Re: volt, we change the image of what a small electric vehicle can handle – and can start a green revolution in city deliveries”.