DG Matrix, Natron Partner for Faster EV Charging

DG Matrix and Natron Energy have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure. This collaboration will combine DG Matrix’s high-power, high-efficiency multi-port EV chargers with Natron’s safe and sustainable sodium-ion batteries.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced performance: Natron’s sodium-ion batteries offer high peak-power capacity, fast charge/discharge capabilities, and a longer cycle life.
  • Deployment speed: DG Matrix’s multi-port design and Natron’s readily available batteries will simplify and expedite EV charger installations.
  • Sustainability: Sodium-ion technology boasts a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The partnership aims to deliver the best total cost of ownership for EV charging solutions.

Market Impact:

This partnership aims to grow the EV fast charger market from hundreds of MWhs in 2024 to several GWhs by 2027. This expansion will meet the increasing demand for fast and reliable charging options, supporting the global shift towards electric mobility.


  • Haroon Inam, CEO of DG Matrix: “The partnership offers the best overall total cost of ownership, allowing companies to accelerate EV charger deployment and take advantage of tax credits.”
  • Jack Pouchet, VP of Sales & Marketing at Natron Energy: “This relationship is the natural pairing of the two highest-power, highest-efficiency technologies creating a best performance value proposition for the industry.”

Additional Information:

  • DG Matrix is currently accepting orders for delivery in 2024.
  • Learn more about the partnership and browse available solutions at: www.dgmatrix.com.

About DG Matrix:

DG Matrix specializes in ultra-compact, versatile, and reliable solutions for electrification across industries. Their multi-port architecture enables universal applications, empowering users to access clean, secure, and reliable power globally.

About Natron Energy:

Natron Energy manufactures sodium-ion batteries for industrial power applications. Their mission centers around providing customers with safer, sustainable batteries that offer superior performance compared to traditional technologies.


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