EV Charging Expansion in Midwest

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EdgeEnergy has formalized an agreement with M&M Mid-Valley, a service and supply provider for fueling retailers, to implement 40 ultra-fast EV charging stations across nine Midwest states, leveraging EdgeEnergy’s innovative EdgeEV power source. This collaboration aims to address the escalating demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions by facilitating the installation of charging stations without necessitating extensive power grid upgrades.

For over three decades, Covington, Kentucky-based M&M Mid-Valley has been a cornerstone in the fueling industry, offering comprehensive services ranging from supply provision to full-scale construction. With the EV market expanding, major and locally owned fueling retailers, including BP, Chevron, Love’s, Pilot, and Shell, are increasingly investing in EV charging infrastructure. This shift is driven by the growing necessity to cater to the needs of EV drivers, who are rapidly becoming a significant customer base.

Shaun Shuler, CEO of EdgeEnergy, emphasized the critical role of fueling retailers in the EV adoption landscape: “As EV adoption continues to gain momentum, fueling retailers are becoming increasingly critical to drivers.” Shuler pointed out the challenge retailers face due to the lack of sufficient power infrastructure to support DC Fast Chargers, a hurdle EdgeEnergy’s technology aims to overcome. By enabling the installation of fast charging stations, EdgeEnergy offers a cost-effective solution that not only facilitates the expansion of the EV charging network but also enhances the service offerings of fueling retailers.

The initiative addresses the prevalent issue of range anxiety among EV drivers, identified as a significant barrier to EV adoption. While federal programs such as NEVI contribute to the solution, the involvement of over 130,000 fueling retailers nationwide is deemed crucial for boosting driver confidence for long-distance travel.

Mickey Meyer, President of M&M Mid-Valley, highlighted the strategic advantage of their partnership with EdgeEnergy, stating, “Our partnerships with EdgeEnergy creates an opportunity for our customers to expand their fueling offerings to include EVs and do so in a way that is cost effective and creates the most value for their business.” This collaboration not only aims to grow the businesses of fueling retailers by integrating EV charging into their service portfolio but also ensures that they continue to provide the high level of convenience and amenities expected by the next generation of drivers.

About EdgeEnergy: Founded in 2020, EdgeEnergy specializes in the development of proprietary phase conversion hardware, facilitating the installation of DC fast chargers on existing single-phase power infrastructure. This technology is adaptable across various charger networks, negating the need for three-phase power upgrades at many sites and promoting a faster, cost-efficient rollout of ultra-fast EV charging stations.

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