Everrati Unveils Electric Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’

Everrati Automotive Limited, a pioneering technology company renowned for reinventing classic automotive legends with advanced electric powertrains, has showcased its latest creation: a zero-emission Mercedes-Benz SL W113 ‘Pagoda’. The debut took place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, aligning with the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show from September 27th to 30th.

Why It Matters

The move reflects a growing trend in blending luxury with sustainability. The revival of such iconic vehicles with a sustainable twist signifies a new era for automotive enthusiasts, merging classic design aesthetics with future-focused technology. This blend preserves automotive heritage while embracing the advantages of zero-emission technology.

Everrati Unveils Electric Mercedes-Benz SL 'Pagoda'

Key Points

  • The Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’, known for its legacy and connection with celebrities like John Lennon, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, and more, has been seamlessly transitioned into the electric era by Everrati.
  • Specialists from Mercedes-Benz, Hilton & Moss, have worked hand-in-hand with Everrati, ensuring a restoration that adheres to concours standards.
  • The revamped SL ‘Pagoda’ is touted as the global pinnacle of open-top, two-seater zero-emission luxury grand tourers.
  • Beyond the ‘Pagoda’, Everrati’s electric Land Rover Series IIA will be serving as a chauffeur for VIP guests during the Monaco Yacht Show.
  • Everrati also announced a collaboration featuring the Defender Shore Tender Edition with renowned superyacht designers Bannenberg & Rowell and brokers Edmiston.

Bottom Line

Everrati continues to lead the movement of redefining automotive masterpieces for the electric era, ensuring that they remain relevant and enjoyable for future generations. This blend of iconic design, modern technology, and commitment to sustainability makes their creations more than just cars – they become enduring legacies. As demands for sustainable luxury vehicles soar, Everrati’s strategic partnerships, like that with the Fairmont Monte Carlo, further cement their position in the automotive realm and underscore the increasing value of eco-friendly luxury.


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