Fisker Unveils Limited Edition Extreme Vigyan SUV for the Indian Market

What’s Happening

Fisker Inc., the pioneering all-electric vehicle producer, has announced plans to roll out 100 units of its unique Fisker Extreme Vigyan Edition SUVs, designed exclusively for the Indian market. The bespoke edition of these eco-friendly SUVs is named after Fisker’s Indian subsidiary and is set to fortify the company’s presence in the South Asian nation.

Why It Matters

This strategic move comes as Fisker continues to strengthen its global presence, with India being one of the emerging key markets in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. “India offers exciting opportunities for us,” remarked Fisker’s Chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, “Following successful beginnings in Europe and the US, we’re thrilled to bring our class-leading Fisker Ocean Extreme to a market we plan to expand in significantly over the coming years.”

Key Points

In anticipation of this launch, Fisker is proceeding with the homologation process in India, with an expected completion in September. Following this, the deliveries of the Fisker Ocean Extreme Vigyan Edition, priced comparably to its European counterpart, are set to commence in Q4 2023. The pricing will mirror European rates, taking into consideration additional costs like import taxes and logistics specific to India.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme distinguishes itself with a 360-mile EPA range on standard 20-inch wheels and tires, marking the longest range among new electric SUVs in its class. This exceptional range extends to 707km/440 UK miles in Europe under the WLTP standards, earning it the title of the longest-range electric SUV available in the European market today.

Bottom Line

This is a crucial step for Fisker Inc. to carve out a substantial market share in India’s burgeoning EV market. The Fisker Ocean Extreme Vigyan Edition not only showcases Fisker’s commitment to creating sustainable electric vehicles but also reflects its efforts in customizing products for diverse markets.


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