Ford’s BlueOval City to Usher in a New Age of Electric Trucks

What’s Happening: Ford is on track with the construction of its BlueOval City mega-campus in West Tennessee, preparing to launch a new era of American innovation and manufacturing in electric vehicle (EV) and battery production.

Why It Matters: BlueOval City will be the production site for Ford’s second-generation electric truck, code-named Project T3, with a capacity of 500,000 EV trucks per year at full production. The campus also supports Ford’s goal of reaching 2 million EVs produced annually by 2026 and being carbon neutral.

Key Points:

  • BlueOval City is a joint $5.6 billion investment by Ford and partner SK On, with the creation of approximately 6,000 new jobs.
  • Ford is launching an education and training program called BlueOval Learning to prepare future employees.
  • The campus aims to be Ford’s first carbon-neutral vehicle manufacturing and battery campus, using renewable and carbon-free electricity.
  • Project T3 aims to revolutionize American trucks by combining Ford’s truck expertise with advanced EV, software, and aerodynamics capabilities.
  • BlueOval City includes a fully integrated battery manufacturing site and an on-site supplier park, allowing for streamlined production and reduced emissions.
  • Ford is introducing BlueOval Learning, a talent development program focused on STEM education and work-based learning experiences to build a skilled workforce for the EV future.

Bottom Line: Ford’s BlueOval City mega-campus, set to begin production in 2025, represents a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to electric vehicles, sustainable manufacturing, and job creation. With ambitious production goals and a focus on workforce development, Ford aims to strengthen its position as a leading EV manufacturer and help drive the industry’s transition to a greener future.


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