FPT Industrial to Supply High-Performance Battery Packs for IVECO BUS Electric Bus Fleet

FPT Industrial, a global leader in low-impact mobility solutions, has entered into a framework agreement with De Lijn, the Flemish government-owned public transport enterprise, to supply up to 500 high-performance battery packs to sister company IVECO BUS. The battery packs will be used to power a fleet of 18 m E-WAY full-electric articulated city buses that will be deployed in several cities in Flanders.

Deliveries of the first batch of 65 vehicles are slated to begin in 2024 and could continue over the next six years. The battery packs will be produced at FPT Industrial’s new carbon-neutral ePowertrain Plant in Turin, Italy, which is the first wholly carbon-neutral plant in the Iveco Group. The plant offsets its CO2 emissions through the purchase of energy from renewable sources and carbon credits.

FPT Industrial to Supply High-Performance Battery Packs for IVECO BUS Electric Bus Fleet

The 69 kWh FPT Battery Pack is a modular offering that provides impressive energy density and best-in-class performance for city bus applications. The battery pack is powered by NMC (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese) technology, which provides fast charging and discharging times. The battery pack is adaptable to different applications, from urban to intercity buses.

In addition to battery packs, the ePowertrain Plant also produces electric axles for heavy commercial vehicles and electric central drives for LCVs. This represents a significant milestone in FPT Industrial’s decarbonization efforts and its goal of achieving net-zero emissions for its products and operations. The deployment of the E-WAY electric buses in Flanders will represent the largest fleet of IVECO BUS articulated electric buses in operation.


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