Hyliion, Cummins Win California Emissions Certification

Hyliion Holdings Corp. and Cummins Inc. have jointly achieved the Dual Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This certification applies to the Hypertruck ERX powertrain when combined with Cummins’ ISX12N natural gas engine.

Why It Matters

This achievement paves the way for Hyliion and Cummins to sell their combined electric powertrain system in California. It marks a notable step towards reducing carbon emissions in the heavy trucking industry and supports the broader environmental objectives set by the state.

Key Points

  • The CARB Dual Executive Order certifies that the Hypertruck ERX powertrain and the Cummins ISX12N natural gas engine comply with essential California environmental norms.
  • Vehicles featuring the Hypertruck ERX are recognized as near-zero emission vehicle (NZEV) under both CARB’s Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) and Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) directives.
  • The Hypertruck ERX is an electric range extender powertrain. It uses the Cummins natural gas engine to regenerate its batteries.
  • This electric powertrain offers an electric range of up to 75 miles. When paired with its generator, the system can cover up to 1,000 miles, benefiting from nearly 700 natural gas fueling stations across the U.S.

Bottom Line

The joint certification acquired by Hyliion and Cummins from CARB is a significant stride in the transition to cleaner transportation solutions for the trucking sector. The Hypertruck ERX powertrain, when combined with Cummins’ natural gas engine, not only adheres to stringent California emissions standards but also offers an innovative solution for businesses aiming for sustainability. Initial deliveries of this eco-friendly powertrain are expected before the close of the year, with Hyliion already open for orders.


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