InductEV Grows Wireless EV Charging with New Partnerships

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The commercial transport sector witnessed a significant leap in wireless charging technology today, as InductEV announced new strategic partnerships with Miller EV Solutions, Roush, and WB Engineers+Consultants. These collaborations aim to boost the adoption of InductEV’s high-power, on-route inductive charging systems, along with an AI-driven energy management overlay. The partnership underscores a unified effort to provide comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering services, streamlining the design and deployment of InductEV’s cutting-edge wireless charging technology. This initiative is set to meet the increasing demand from commercial fleet owners, intermodal facilities, and ports.

“Commercial fleets are the biggest contributor to GHG emissions worldwide in transportation,” stated Barry Libert, chairman and CEO of InductEV. “We are therefore pleased to announce today three new strategic partners, all of which possess the technological know-how and services to help implement our vision for wireless EV charging in the commercial and industrial transport sectors. We look forward to working with them to reduce the carbon footprint of these fleets and, in doing so, create considerable cost savings for our customers.”

The partnerships are strategically poised to enhance various aspects of the wireless charging infrastructure:

  • Miller EV Solutions will tackle electrical infrastructure, ensuring up to 99.9% uptime with their services spanning installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Their role is pivotal in delivering a turnkey solution that promises significant cost savings.
  • Roush is set to offer integration engineering design and post-deployment services, focusing on vehicle assembly’s continuous operation and power delivery. Their extensive resources significantly reduce deployment time for fleet services.
  • WB Engineers+Consultants brings its expertise in electrical infrastructure engineering and design, emphasizing vehicle charging and infrastructure design. Their involvement ensures a seamless integration into InductEV’s turnkey solutions, facilitating optimized charging system design and installation.

InductEV‘s technology portfolio includes 18 patents and 23 pending, highlighting an innovative approach to wireless charging that not only reduces the reliance on large EV batteries but also extends their lifespan significantly. This technology is instrumental in lowering vehicle costs and supporting the deployment of autonomous vehicles by facilitating on-route charging through renewable energy sources.

To date, InductEV has delivered over 1.5 GWh of energy across the U.S. and EU, equivalent to a reduction of 650 metric tons of CO2. The recent partnership with Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS) further enhances InductEV’s capacity to meet customer demand through DMS’s manufacturing and supply chain expertise.

About InductEV
Formerly known as Momentum Dynamics, InductEV stands at the forefront of the wireless EV charging industry, with deployments across North America and Europe. Based in King of Prussia, PA, the company specializes in high-power, high-speed wireless charging and AI-based energy management, holding a significant patent portfolio and recently inaugurating one of the world’s first R&D centers dedicated to wireless vehicle charging.

About Miller EV Solutions
As a leading provider of EV solutions in the U.S., Miller EV Solutions offers comprehensive services, including turnkey solutions and national electrical and technology contracting, aimed at fostering innovation and sustainability in the EV market.

About Roush
Roush has been a cornerstone in creating innovative solutions across advanced mobility, aerospace, defense, and theme parks for nearly five decades. The company excels in integrating services throughout the product development cycle, addressing complex challenges, and expediting product launches.

About WB Engineers+Consultants
WB Engineers+Consultants is a national firm specializing in MEP/FP engineering, technology consulting, commissioning, and program management. With a focus on extreme ownership, quality, and teamwork, the firm provides expert advice and construction services for building decarbonization, electric vehicle infrastructure, and more.

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