Lancia’s Concept Wins Quattroruote Award

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In a notable triumph, the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE has secured the prestigious “Concept” category award in Quattroruote’s annual “Novità dell’Anno” (Innovation of the Year), garnering over 38% of the votes. This recognition marks another accolade for the Lancia Concept car, following accolades in Spain and France, underscoring the Italian public’s endorsement of the brand’s forward-looking vision.

The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE represents a decisive brand manifesto for the upcoming decade, highlighting Lancia’s commitment to design innovation, comfort, sustainability, technology, and electrification. It previews the design ethos for future models, notably the New Ypsilon, set to be unveiled on February 14th in Milan. In revitalizing its presence, Lancia is strengthening its Italian roots with a refurbished sales network comprising 160 dealerships, 100 of which have already been modernized.

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Luca Napolitano, Lancia Brand CEO, expressed his gratitude for the public’s acknowledgment: “We are delighted to have received this appreciation from the public in Italy, who recognize the work that the entire Lancia team has done on the Pu+Ra HPE, in terms of the future vision of the brand that we will find on February 14 with the reveal of the New Ypsilon in Milan. Italy has always played a crucial role for the Lancia brand, and from here we restart with the first car of the new era and a renewed and dedicated sales network, aiming to become a respected and credible brand in the premium market.”

The “Novità dell’Anno” award, now in its 25th edition, encourages readers and enthusiasts to vote in three main categories: Concept, Dream, and Lifestyle. Lancia’s achievement in the Concept category is a testament to the Italian public’s enthusiasm for the brand’s visionary approach.

As Lancia embarks on a new era, the reduction of dealerships from 230 to 160, with renovations underway, signifies a strategic consolidation. The new Corporate Identity of Lancia dealerships reflects the brand’s strategic pillars: quality, electrification, sustainability, and innovative sales models, offering customers an exclusive and premium experience infused with beauty, design, and Italian spirit.

The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, a 100% electric concept car, is a harbinger of Lancia’s next 10 years, blending design, a home-like interior ambiance, sustainability, and advanced technology. A collaboration with Cassina, a leader in upscale furniture, ensures a uniquely Italian “home feeling” experience. The concept car’s design language, termed Pu+Ra for its purity and radical approach, and its nomenclature HPE, standing for High-Performance Electric, encapsulate Lancia’s design ethos and commitment to eco-friendly materials.

With 117 years of history, Lancia is poised for a Renaissance, focusing on innovation, timeless design, sustainability, customer centricity, and social responsibility, aspiring to a future of ambition and commitment.

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