Lightning eMotors Achieves 5 Million Electric Miles

Lightning eMotors, a prominent player in the production of zero-emission medium-duty commercial vehicles, has proudly announced that their vehicles, in use by commercial electric vehicle fleets, have cumulatively covered over five million all-electric miles. The company has delivered more than 600 zero-emission commercial vehicles presently operating in over 80 fleet depots throughout North America.

Why It Matters

Reaching this mileage landmark underscores the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and demonstrates the reliability and effectiveness of Lightning eMotors’ fleet. The achievement further bolsters their mature and reliable electric vehicle manufacturer position. CEO Tim Reeser emphasized that Lightning eMotors is not a newcomer in the industry and that this milestone proves their pioneering role in commercial vehicle electrification.

Key Points

  • The mileage data is recorded through Lightning Insights, an advanced telematics platform tailored for EVs.
  • This platform monitors over 150 data points, from vehicle location to energy usage and efficiency.
  • Fleet-wide data suggests that Lightning vehicles can match the operational uptime of traditional diesel fleets.
  • These electric vehicles have helped reduce approximately 9 million lbs. of CO2 emissions.
  • The company’s versatile vehicle lineup includes cargo vans, box trucks, shuttle buses, ambulances, and even a unique mobile library van. Their ZEV4 Type A School Bus is particularly noteworthy.

Bottom Line

Lightning eMotors is not just revolutionizing the vehicle industry with its zero-emission vehicles but is also proving the operational and environmental benefits these vehicles bring to fleet operations. As commercial EVs continue to make waves in both environmental and logistical sectors, Lightning stands out as a preferred choice for many fleet operations across the U.S. and Canada. The company is poised to lead the charge into the next phase of fleet electrification.


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