Lightning eMotors’ Mobile Fast Charger Demo at DFW Airport

Lightning eMotors introduces the next-gen Lightning Mobile DC Fast Charger at DFW airport, demonstrating the unit’s flexibility and efficiency for commercial and consumer electric vehicles.

What’s Happening

Lightning eMotors, a top player in the realm of zero-emission commercial vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) technology, has announced its participation in a demonstration at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The showcase, scheduled from June 19-23, will highlight the capabilities of its next-gen Lightning Mobile DC Fast Charger for commercial and consumer EVs operating within the airport grounds.

Why It Matters

As part of a broader four-month demonstration initiative led by DFW’s Innovation and Planning teams, the Lightning Mobile charger will offer mobile charging for airport staff and customers in various locations. The locations include the airport’s cellphone lot, valet parking lot, ride-share lot, DFW headquarters, and an employee parking area. This trial seeks to uncover technological solutions supporting electrified ground transportation and catering to the airport community’s needs for the future.

Key Points

The Lightning Mobile DC Fast Charger aims to address the growing need for flexible, readily available DC fast-charging solutions. It features a battery capacity ranging from 105 to 420 kWh and provides standard Level 2 AC charging as well as versatile DC fast-charging for vehicles demanding short turnaround times. Each modular unit, equipped with the same advanced tech as Lightning’s powertrains, can charge up to 5 vehicles and features active thermal management for optimal battery performance. The post-trial data will guide DFW in determining charger access and energy consumption, aiding in identifying optimal use-case scenarios for EV charging.

Bottom Line

As society rapidly transitions to cleaner modes of transportation, Lightning Mobile offers a portable charging solution that facilitates electric fleet adoption without the need for construction or permits. It can provide critical charging support for airport ground transportation, mobile disaster relief, and occasional charging points at venues like sports stadiums. It’s a testament to the innovative solution that Lightning Mobile can handle various battery capacities and outputs, making it an ideal charging solution for commercial trucks, vans, buses, and cars at remote locations, events, and depots.


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