Lucid Air’s Innovative Model Line Expansion

Lucid Group, Inc. has enhanced its Lucid Air model lineup, offering a range of new options that cater to various customer preferences. The lineup now includes the Air Pure, Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and the groundbreaking Air Sapphire. Each model offers unique features, from the Air Pure’s impressive EPA-estimated 419-mile range to the Air Sapphire’s exceptional performance as the world’s first electric super-sports sedan.

Why It Matters

The expansion of the Lucid Air lineup signifies a major step in the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs), showcasing Lucid’s commitment to innovation and customer choice. This move not only solidifies Lucid’s position in the luxury EV market but also emphasizes its dedication to offering a diverse range of options to meet varying consumer needs and preferences.

Key Points

  • Air Pure: Added to Car and Driver’s 10Best List, offers an EPA-estimated range of 419 miles, starting at $77,400.
  • Air Touring: Features all-wheel drive and over 400 miles of range, priced from $85,900.
  • Air Grand Touring: Remains the longest-range electric car projected, with advanced all-wheel drive.
  • Air Sapphire: A super-sports sedan with 427 miles of EPA-estimated range and a 0-60 mph time of under two seconds.

Lucid’s CEO, Peter Rawlinson, highlights the flexibility and choice now available to customers, with options ranging from massaging seats in the Air Pure to a metal roof in the Air Grand Touring. The Lucid Air can be ordered immediately, starting at $77,400 for the Air Pure.

Bottom Line

Lucid Group’s updated Air lineup marks a significant advancement in the luxury electric vehicle sector. With a focus on customer-centric options and continuous innovation, Lucid is not only responding to current market demands but also shaping the future of electric mobility. The introduction of new features, expanded color options, and enhanced powertrains across the lineup demonstrates Lucid’s commitment to delivering a personalized luxury experience for every customer.


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