NEVI Site Launch in Southeast US

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ABB E-mobility has successfully delivered Build America-Buy America and NACS-ready EV chargers to the first NEVI compliant charging site in the Southeastern United States, marking a significant milestone in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development. This pioneering project, located at a Circle K in Richmond, Kentucky, represents a crucial step forward in enhancing the convenience of EV charging along the Interstate 75 corridor.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt commemorated the event, highlighting its importance in promoting accessible EV charging solutions for drivers. ABB E-mobility’s Terra 184 chargers not only adhere to Phase II Build America, Buy America regulations but also boast a remarkable 97+% uptime, ensuring reliable charging experiences.

This initiative underscores Kentucky’s leadership in adopting EV technology and ABB E-mobility’s dedication to supporting the economic advantages of electric transportation across the United States. As a trusted technology provider, ABB E-mobility is committed to delivering dependable, long-lasting charging infrastructure to its partners, including convenience and fueling retailers.

The new Circle K charging station in Richmond is part of a broader effort to expand the global EV charging network, with Circle K aiming to establish 200 sites in North America within the year. This expansion is critical in accommodating the increasing demand from EV drivers, as EV adoption rates continue to surge. In 2023, EV sales in the U.S. hit a new record of 1.2 million units, a 50% increase from the previous year.

Chris Nordh, Head of ABB E-mobility in North America, emphasized the company’s role in providing “reliable and convenient charge-and-go technology.” Aaron Smorodin, Head of Business Development for Circle K, also expressed enthusiasm for the project, citing its alignment with Circle K’s mission to offer comprehensive mobility solutions and its contribution to the NEVI program’s objectives.

ABB E-mobility’s Terra 184 chargers are designed with future needs in mind, preparing for the integration of high-power J3400 connectors to facilitate charging for Tesla and future NACS vehicles without adapters. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the charging infrastructure not only meets current standards but is also adaptable to future developments in EV technology.

As a leader in EV charging solutions, ABB E-mobility is shaping a more sustainable and efficient mobility future, with over one million EV chargers sold across more than 85 markets worldwide. This project at Circle K in Richmond is a testament to the collaborative efforts of ABB E-mobility, Circle K, and government partners to advance the e-mobility economy and make EV charging more accessible to drivers across the United States.

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