Nikola, E.ON and Richter Group Sign Letter of Intent for Hydrogen Electric Truck Order

What’s Happening: In collaboration with E.ON and Richter Group, Nikola Corporation announced a Letter of Intent for the supply of 20 Nikola Tre hydrogen electric trucks and the required green hydrogen fuel and refueling infrastructure. The initial order of hydrogen-electric trucks will be delivered to Richter Group in 2024.

Why It Matters: This collaboration will support Richter Group’s efforts to decarbonize its vehicle fleet and promote decarbonization in the European heavy-duty transport sector. With a range of up to 800 km, the Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric truck is expected to have among the longest ranges of all commercially available zero tailpipe emission Class 8 trucks while realizing weight savings when compared to battery-electric Class 8 trucks with a similar range.

Key Points:

  • The joint venture between Nikola and Iveco Group in Germany will manufacture the electric trucks in the European 6×2 variant.
  • The order of 20 Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric trucks is expected to be delivered to Richter Group in 2024.
  • E.ON will provide green hydrogen and develop the refueling infrastructure to meet the needs of the hydrogen electric vehicles brought to market.
  • The Nikola and E.ON joint venture will supply hydrogen and logistics once it is officially established.
  • Richter Group intends to transition its entire fleet to Nikola Tre hydrogen-electric trucks over the next four to five years.
  • Nikola, E.ON, and Richter Group plan to collaborate on technological solutions for designing and constructing a 700-bar refueling infrastructure, hydrogen transport logistics, and hydrogen supply.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between Nikola, E.ON, and Richter Group to supply hydrogen electric trucks, green hydrogen, and refueling infrastructure will promote decarbonization efforts in the European heavy-duty transport sector and support Richter Group’s efforts to decarbonize its vehicle fleet.


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