Parkopedia, Blink Charging Enhance EV Charging Experience

Connected car service provider Parkopedia has partnered with Blink Charging, a leading Charge Point Operator (CPO) in the U.S., to offer an enriched EV charging experience. With this collaboration, Parkopedia users gain direct access to nearly 12,000 Blink public chargers spanning more than 4,000 U.S. locations right from their vehicle head units. This development ensures increased convenience and charger visibility for EV drivers.

Why It Matters

This collaboration responds to U.S. EV drivers’ significant anxieties. The 2023 Global Driver Survey revealed that nearly 60% of these drivers are apprehensive about locating chargers away from home. Additionally, over one-third frequently struggle to find public charging stations. An alarming 73% of American EV drivers have experienced running out of charge – a figure surpassing any other nation in the survey. By improving the ‘Park and Charge’ functionality and enhancing charging visibility, this partnership is poised to increase EV adoption rates and alleviate charging-related concerns.

Key Points

  • Parkopedia expands its North American ‘Park and Charge’ EV service for automakers.
  • Real-time data from Blink’s charger network allows Parkopedia to provide precise parking and charging availability predictions.
  • The 2023 Global Driver Survey indicated:
    • 53% of U.S. EV drivers couldn’t charge due to occupied chargers.
    • 73% have run out of charge at least once.
    • 92% would consider purchasing an EV if it had better ‘Park and Charge’ features.

Bottom Line

Both Parkopedia and Blink Charging are harnessing the power of dynamic data to offer timely parking and charging predictions to EV drivers. Their collective vision is to further simplify the parking and charging process, reducing barriers for current and potential EV drivers. As Adam Woolway, Head of EV at Parkopedia, highlighted, the aim is to address the major challenges facing U.S. EV drivers, ensuring they don’t fall short of chargers or deplete their charge. Simultaneously, Mike Battaglia, Chief Revenue Officer for Blink Charging, emphasized the value of this collaboration in bolstering drivers’ confidence in a consistent charging experience.


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