PPG and Dutch University Unveil Solar Off-Road Car

PPG has teamed up with a student group from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, to craft the Stella Terra. This innovative vehicle is touted as the world’s inaugural off-road car that’s sun-powered, eliminating its reliance on charging stations and conventional roads.

Why It Matters

This collaboration is a part of PPG’s recent $5 million pledge towards education on environmental sustainability. The Stella Terra represents a stride in sustainable transportation and showcases the potential of blending education with industry for groundbreaking advancements.

Key Points

  • PPG is granting $37,000 (35,000 euros) to the Solar Team Eindhoven.
  • PPG’s CORACHAR™ fire protection coating will shield the Stella Terra’s lithium (Li)-ion battery pack.
  • Stella Terra is set to be tested intensively in Morocco this October, including in the challenging terrains of the Sahara desert.
  • PPG CoraChar coatings are intumescent, expanding under high temperatures to guard against thermal harm. They play a critical role in various applications, enhancing battery efficiency, and ensuring safety during fire emergencies.
  • Wisse Bos, the Solar Team Eindhoven’s team manager, emphasizes the partnership’s significance, noting that while Li-ion batteries‘ risk of thermal runaway is minimal, PPG’s advancements in battery coatings can delay battery fire spread, allowing safe evacuation.

Bottom Line

Thierry Destruhaut, PPG’s business partner in customer sustainability for Automotive OEM Coatings, stated that the initiative aligns with PPG’s sustainable technology development objectives and dedication to sustainability education. PPG’s continued investment in education, as demonstrated by the $16.2 million they contributed in 2022, positions them as a frontrunner in nurturing talent for future innovation, especially in the coatings and manufacturing sectors. This partnership further strengthens it’s commitment to community engagement and fostering the next wave of leaders cognizant of climate change implications.


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