Q8 e-tron Production May End at Brussels Site

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Audi is considering ending production of the Q8 e-tron at the Brussels site due to declining global demand. The restructuring plan initiates the information and consultation process required by Belgian law. Audi Brussels is in discussions with social partners to explore solutions for employees and the site.

Key Highlights:

  • Global decline in orders for electric luxury vehicles is impacting Audi’s Q8 e-tron models.
  • Early end of production at Brussels site is under consideration.
  • Information and consultation process has been triggered in accordance with Belgian law.
  • Discussions with social partners to find solutions for employees and the site are ongoing.
  • Challenges at the Brussels plant include high production costs and logistical issues due to its city center location.
Q8 e-tron Production May End
Aerial View Audi Site Brussels, Belgium

Audi is facing a significant decrease in customer orders for electric luxury vehicles, affecting the Q8 e-tron and Q8 Sportback e-tron models produced in Brussels. This decline has prompted Audi to consider an early end to production at the Brussels site. The Board of Management has informed the Company Council of their intention to restructure the site, initiating the information and consultation process as required by Belgian law. This process involves discussions with social partners to explore potential solutions for the site’s future.

The Q8 e-tron family, which marked the beginning of Audi’s electric mobility journey in 2018, has seen a significant drop in demand with the introduction of new models on the Premium Platform Electric. This has led to a noticeable decrease in incoming orders for the Q8 e-tron.

Additionally, the Brussels site faces structural challenges, including a layout that is difficult to modify and high logistics costs due to its proximity to the city center. These factors contribute to higher production costs compared to other locations. After a thorough review of the market and site conditions, Audi is contemplating the early cessation of Q8 e-tron production.

This potential end of production could impact employment at the Brussels site, necessitating the development of alternative solutions. The Board of Management’s announcement starts the required information and consultation process with the Company Council, aiming to find viable alternatives for the plant and its employees.

“The announcement of the intention does not mean that a decision has been made. Nevertheless, this news has been felt very profoundly by the employees in Brussels and by me too. A transparent and constructive dialog is important in the process that will follow. We will take all perspectives into account,” says Volker Germann, CEO of Audi Brussels.

Rita Beck, spokesperson for the Audi Committee in the European VW Group Works Council, emphasizes the need for long-term prospects for the Brussels plant and its employees. “Audi management must take responsibility for the site. We hope that a viable and sustainable solution will be reached in the course of the consultation process that has now been initiated.”

Gerd Walker, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Production and Logistics, supports the decision to start the consultation process after an intensive review. “The task now is to shape this process constructively and transparently together with all those involved and to discuss viable solutions in the interests of all. Because we clearly stand by the responsibility we bear for our employees, at all locations worldwide.”

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