Quintessenza TE Cabrio: A Modern Rendition of a Classic Icon with Electric Power

Dive into the future of classic cars with Voitures Extravert’s latest addition to their portfolio – the all-electric quintessenza TE Cabrio. This contemporary recreation of a mid-80s classic features top-notch performance, design, and a 250-mile range.

What’s Happening

Voitures Extravert, a company recognized for its innovative approach to reviving classic cars, has introduced the quintessenza TE Cabrio. This new model is a state-of-the-art addition to its portfolio, which preserves the spirit of the original mid-80s design while integrating advanced all-electric capabilities.

Why It Matters

The quintessenza TE Cabrio’s debut marks an essential step in Voitures Extravert’s mission to “colour the streets again” with classically-inspired electric vehicles (EVs). The company, founded in 2016, is committed to keeping classic car designs alive while adhering to sustainable practices. Its iconic models, entirely rebuilt and silent-running, are based on future technology that promotes eco-friendliness and driving enjoyment.

Key Points

This new model offers a range of up to 400 km (250 miles), fast charging, and a digital-yet-analog experience, fitting for everyday use. “Increasingly, we receive inquiries from customers who want to go beyond the Targa,” stated Martijn van Dijk, the commercial director of Voitures Extravert. The quintessenza TE Cabrio complements their existing offering of Coupe, Targa, SE (60s), TE (80s), and SE RS, expanding the quintessenza family and taking the driving experience to new heights.

Bottom Line

The quintessenza TE Cabrio embodies Voitures Extravert’s philosophy of merging timeless design with state-of-the-art propulsion technology. Voitures Extravert, headquartered in the Netherlands – a global front-runner in EV development – has created an extraordinary platform, AutoCRAT, which integrates all technology for a seamless customer experience. Backed by a worldwide network of over 30 expert partners, the company ensures exceptional quality while contributing to a greener future with its all-electric classic cars.


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