SEA Electric Unveils New Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Heavy-Duty Truck Power System

What’s Happening: SEA Electric is introducing the SEA-Drive® 250 model, a new power system for Class 8 rigid or day-cab trucks, at the upcoming ACT Expo. The company plans to pair the power system with a 45kW hydrogen fuel cell, potentially increasing its range and making significant impacts on the commercial transport sector.

Why It Matters: This innovative power system could help accelerate the electrification of heavy-duty trucks and provide a solution for 95% of the refuse collection market. The combination of battery electric and optional fuel cell technology optimizes weight and cost while delivering exceptional performance, previously unseen in this segment.

Key Points:

  • The SEA-Drive® 250 joins other power systems in the SEA Electric lineup, including the SEA-Drive® 70, 100, 120, and 180, which have already logged over 2 million miles of real-world use across various applications.
  • With a maximum power of 670hp (500kW) and peak torque of 4,579 lb-ft (6,200Nm), the SEA-Drive® 250 is powered by a 250kWh battery pack.
  • Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric Founder and CEO, says the SEA-Drive® 250 RE is a major breakthrough for the company and will enable expansion into new markets and applications, such as day-cab and drayage tractor applications.
  • The SEA-Drive® power-system fully electrifies all ancillary functions, eliminating noisy refuse trucks and improving urban environments.

Bottom Line: SEA Electric’s new hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck power system, the SEA-Drive® 250, could revolutionize the commercial transport industry. By combining battery electric technology with an optional fuel cell extender, the SEA-Drive® 250 RE optimizes weight, cost, and performance, making it an attractive solution for a variety of applications. The system’s debut at the ACT Expo signals a promising future for the electrification of heavy-duty trucks and improved urban environments.


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