SINBON Achieves First NACS Certification in China

SINBON Electronics, a notable player in electronic component design and manufacturing, has recently marked a significant milestone by acquiring UL certification for its North American Charging Standard (NACS) AC/DC charging cable. This achievement positions SINBON as the first in Greater China to receive such recognition, particularly highlighting its leadership in the electronic design service sector. Alongside this development, the company announced the dispatch of its first batch of NACS charging cables this week.

Why It Matters

The NACS, initially exclusive to Tesla, has gained widespread adoption among major automotive brands like Ford, General Motors, BMW, Honda, and Toyota, underpinning the global shift towards sustainable energy. The growing prominence of NACS in North America potentially sets it up to eclipse the Combined Charging System (CCS), another major charging standard. SINBON’s certification and product development in response to this trend underscore the company’s commitment to advancing charging technology in line with global standards and demands.

Key Points

  • SINBON’s NACS charging cable features a high-voltage, high-current design for quick electric vehicle (EV) charging.
  • Unlike traditional high-voltage cables, SINBON’s product is lighter, flexible, and equipped with IP67 certification, ensuring safety through a built-in temperature sensor and overheating protection.
  • The cable boasts strong compatibility with various EV brands and models, designed for ease of use and optimal charging experiences. It has passed rigorous environmental and climate condition tests, demonstrating its versatility and broad application potential.
  • The cable’s design is compact and modern, incorporating Tesla’s ‘One-Press Unlock’ feature, making it future-proof for vehicles adopting the NACS communication protocol.

Bottom Line

As the EV market grows and technology evolves, the demand for efficient and standardized charging solutions like NACS is on the rise. SINBON’s pioneering certification and its innovative charging cable product represent a significant stride in the company’s journey to cement its position in the EV industry. With a focus on reliability, safety, and quality, SINBON is well-placed to meet the burgeoning global demand for advanced electric charging infrastructure and solutions.


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