Toyota Partners with Tesla: Boosting Charging Options

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA) has inked a deal with Tesla, Inc., announcing that it will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for its battery electric vehicles (BEVs) starting 2025. This collaboration will allow Toyota and Lexus customers to tap into Tesla’s vast network of over 12,000 Superchargers across the continent.

Why It Matters

As the automotive industry pivots towards sustainable and electrified transport, access to efficient and widespread charging infrastructure becomes crucial. By integrating the NACS, Toyota not only advances its electrification strategy but also enhances the convenience quotient for its customers, ensuring that they have an array of charging options, both at home and on the go.

Key Points

  • Toyota and Lexus are set to incorporate NACS ports in select BEVs from 2025 onwards.
  • One of the first vehicles to receive this integration will be a three-row, battery-electric Toyota SUV, which will roll off the assembly line at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK).
  • Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners who have the Combined Charging System (CCS) will be given access to a NACS adapter in 2025.
  • Currently, Toyota and Lexus app users can locate and use over 84,000 charging ports across North America, encompassing level 2 and DC fast chargers. The inclusion of NACS will notably amplify this offering, especially in the realm of DC fast chargers.

Bottom Line

The company’s strategic partnership with Tesla, by adopting the NACS, signifies a major boost for the brand’s electrification roadmap. Not only does this expand the charging landscape for Toyota and Lexus owners, but it also underscores the industry’s collective push for a more interconnected and robust electric vehicle infrastructure. Customers can now embark on their journeys with heightened confidence, knowing that charging solutions are readily available across diverse locations.


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