US’s Largest Electric Truck Charging Hub Unveiled

Known as the Power Island™, this revolutionary concept is designed to serve multiple corporate truck fleets simultaneously.

Why It Matters

The Findlay Megawatt Hub now holds the title as the most extensive electric truck charging facility in the US concerning charging capacity. Addressing the industry’s challenge of charging infrastructure for large-scale electric truck adoption, One Energy’s facility is strategically positioned to accelerate the transition to electric trucking.

Key Points

  • Power Capacity: The site’s current setup can support a charging power of up to 30 MW.
  • Efficiency & Customization: One Energy employs a radial charging system to enhance site efficiency, enabling various corporate clients to tailor their charging strategies.
  • Innovation in Action: A concept video detailing the Power Island™ is available on One Energy’s Investor Relations website.
  • Addressing Industry Challenges: CEO Jereme Kent highlighted the site’s ability to provide immediate, scalable charging solutions, mitigating the longstanding industry problem of infrastructure lagging behind electric truck deployment.
  • Infrastructure Ready: A 138,000-volt line feeds the Megawatt Hub, which can simultaneously charge up to 90 trucks. Additionally, as demand grows, the hub has the potential to integrate renewable energy from wind and solar sources.
  • Economic Impact: Dana Saucier, from JobsOhio, celebrated the hub as a testament to Ohio’s readiness to embrace the electrification of logistics without long wait times or over-reliance on subsidies.
  • Self-Funded Initiative: No external subsidies or grants were used in constructing the Findlay Megawatt Hub, demonstrating One Energy’s commitment and confidence in its innovative venture.

Bottom Line

With the unveiling of the Findlay Megawatt Hub, One Energy is not only revolutionizing the electric truck charging landscape but also challenging the industry to match its pace. Positioned in America’s manufacturing heartland, this facility is set to catalyze the growth of electric truck manufacturing, promising a sustainable, efficient future for logistics.


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