Volkswagen Unveils New, Highly Efficient Electric Drive for Its Flagship ID.7 Model

What’s Happening: Volkswagen Group Technology, the central technology provider for Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicles, has announced its contribution of around 40% to the total value of the ID.7, the automaker’s newest flagship model. This includes a new, high-performance electric drive known as APP550. The company has outfitted over 580,000 MEB vehicles with high-tech components since September 2020, solidifying its position as a leading global e-mobility supplier.

Why It Matters: As the demand for electric vehicles continues to surge globally, Volkswagen Group Technology’s significant contribution to the ID.7 highlights the company’s commitment to leading the technology evolution in e-mobility. The new APP550 drive showcases the company’s focus on scalability, competitive vertical integration, and enhancement of its comprehensive internal competencies in the field of e-mobility.

Key Points:

  • APP550 electric drive: The APP550 is a highly efficient electric drive system that has been introduced in the ID.7. It boasts higher performance and improved efficiency, contributing to the vehicle’s impressive range of up to 700 kilometers (WLTP). The drive was developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Passenger Cars’ Technical Development and will also be used in other MEB models in the future.
  • Group-wide activities: Besides electric drives, Volkswagen Group Technology develops and produces a variety of tech components for the Group’s MEB models, supplied by the plants in Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter, and Hanover.
  • Future plans: Volkswagen Group Technology, in collaboration with Volkswagen Passenger Cars, is working on the electric drive system of the future. It’s developing its pulse inverter and thermal management system, with the first “designed by Volkswagen” pulse inverter already in the pipeline for mass production.

Bottom Line: Volkswagen Group Technology’s unveiling of its new high-performance electric drive and its contributions to the ID.7 underscore its aim to be a technology leader in the e-mobility space. As the company continues to strengthen its position by developing innovative technologies and enhancing its internal competencies, it aims to pave the way for a future where electric vehicles are more efficient, more powerful, and more accessible.


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