Volta Trucks Debuts at Solutrans 2023

Volta Trucks, an avant-garde manufacturer of all-electric commercial vehicles, has announced its participation at the prominent Solutrans event from November 21 to 25, taking place at Lyon’s EUREXPO in France.

Why It Matters

Solutrans serves as a pivotal gathering for the road transport sector, annually attracting 60,000 professionals and 900 exhibitors from global commercial and urban vehicle industries. These attendees come to discover and discuss the latest in vehicular innovations and technologies. Volta Trucks’ presence at the event underscores the growing influence and rapid progression of electric vehicles in the commercial transport sphere.

Key Points

  • Volta Zero Spotlight: Just two years post its inaugural display in 2021, Volta Zero will be prominently exhibited at the 2023 Solutrans event. Unlike in 2021 where it was displayed on a Petit Forestier stand, this year will see Volta Trucks having its own distinct stand.
  • Ride Experience: Attendees can reserve a passenger ride in the Volta Zero, gaining firsthand experience of the electric truck’s capabilities.
  • Expert Insights: Top personnel from Volta Trucks will participate in panel discussions. Carla Detrieux, Business Development Director, will speak about the influence of zero tailpipe emission vehicles on last-mile delivery on November 22nd at 09:30 CET. Similarly, Alexandre Cleret, Head of Fleet Financing, will shed light on financing strategies for these emission-free trucks on November 23rd at 4 pm CET.
  • Vehicle Exploration: The 16-tonne all-electric Volta Zero, engineered especially for inner-city logistics, will be available for attendees to inspect. They can delve into its cutting-edge safety measures and design features, including a low-entry cab and a panoramic windscreen providing 220-degree visibility.
  • Education on Offer: Specialists from Volta Trucks will be available to address any technical or performance inquiries. They’ll also inform visitors about the Truck as a Service initiative – a comprehensive package offering a Volta Zero, its charging setup, servicing, maintenance, and more, all under one monthly charge.

Bottom Line

Volta Trucks’ considerable presence at Solutrans 2023 reinforces its commitment to spearheading a greener, safer, and more sustainable future in commercial transport. As electrification continues to reshape the commercial sector, Volta Trucks stands as a forerunner, showcasing the myriad benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles.


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