Volta Trucks Partners with SGEF for Expansion

Volta Trucks, a frontrunner in the all-electric commercial vehicle industry, has established a strategic collaboration with Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF). This partnership aims to expand Volta Trucks’ Truck as a Service (TaaS) solution by providing specialized equipment finance solutions to its clientele.

Why It Matters

This alliance signifies a step forward in making the transition to electric fleets more accessible and economically viable for businesses. As the demand for sustainable solutions grows, such collaborations can accelerate the shift to cleaner transportation methods, pushing the industry toward a greener future.

Key Points

  • SGEF, with a reputation for excellence spanning over 25 years, specializes in equipment and vendor financing across various industries.
  • SGEF’s tailored Operating and Finance Lease funding programmes are now available to Volta Trucks’ customers, supporting their agreements in European markets for durations up to eight years.
  • Volta Trucks’ TaaS solution offers seven integral product solutions, including financing, insurance, and service & maintenance, streamlining the transition to electric fleets.

Bottom Line

Essa Al-Saleh, CEO of Volta Trucks, emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting the value SGEF brings in terms of financial proficiency. This collaboration not only facilitates the broader adoption of electric fleets but also underscores the potential for lower Total Cost of Ownership, given the residual value of the Volta Zero.

Florence Roussel-Pollet, SGEF’s Chief Commercial Officer, shared the company’s enthusiasm for championing sustainable initiatives. Their commitment is evident as they actively contribute to the momentum of electric fleet solutions throughout Europe.


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