Wallbox & Osprey Expand UK Charging

Wallbox N.V., a prominent player in electric vehicle (EV) charging, has joined forces with Osprey to broaden the UK’s rapid EV charging infrastructure. The initial phase includes the installation of 125 Supernova DC rapid chargers by Wallbox at various Osprey locations, set to boost the growth of reliable public charging options.

Why It Matters

The expansion is pivotal for the EV industry as it tackles two significant barriers to EV adoption: charge point availability and dependability. By improving the charging network, Wallbox and Osprey aim to strengthen consumer confidence and foster a move towards zero-emission vehicles.

Key Points

  • Strategic Partnership: Wallbox and Osprey’s alliance marks a significant step in enhancing the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.
  • Environmental Impact: Each Supernova charger is estimated to save 60.8 tons of CO2 over its lifecycle, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Consumer Experience: Supernova’s design focuses on simplicity and reliability, promising a straightforward charging process for EV drivers.
  • Maintenance Program: The WBX care program will support the new chargers, ensuring ongoing maintenance and service.
  • Installation Sites: Over 15 UK locations will see the deployment of the new charging stations, with the first already operational at Towneley Garden Centre in Burnley.

Bottom Line

This collaboration between Wallbox and Osprey is a strategic leap towards bolstering the EV charging network in the UK. By rolling out user-friendly and eco-conscious charging solutions, they are not only catering to the current market but also paving the way for the future of transport, reinforcing the UK’s position in the global move to sustainable mobility.


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