Walmart Canada Embraces Hydrogen Trucks

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Walmart Canada introduces its first hydrogen fuel cell electric semi-truck, marking a significant step towards a 100% alternatively-powered fleet. The truck, operational in Mississauga, Ontario, is part of Walmart’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Key Highlights

  • Walmart Canada is the first major retailer in Canada to utilize a hydrogen fuel cell electric semi-truck.
  • The Nikola Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Class 8 tractor offers a range of approximately 800 kilometers and can avoid 97 metric tons of CO2 tailpipe emissions annually.
  • The truck, sourced by ITD Industries Inc., is intended for longer-haul trips within Ontario.
  • Gonzalo Gebara, President and CEO of Walmart Canada, emphasized the company’s regenerative goals and commitment to new technology.
  • Steve Girsky, President and CEO of Nikola, praised the collaboration as a significant milestone in sustainability.
  • Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Electrification, highlighted Ontario’s support for hydrogen-powered transportation.
  • Michael Buna, Senior Director of Walmart Canada’s national fleet, reiterated the company’s goal to power 100% of its fleet with alternative power.

Walmart Canada’s adoption of the Nikola Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Class 8 tractor represents a pioneering effort in sustainable transportation. This zero-emission vehicle can travel up to 800 kilometers on a single charge and significantly reduce carbon emissions. The deployment of this truck marks a first in Canada and North America for a retail fleet.

The introduction of hydrogen fuel cell technology allows for longer-haul travel compared to traditional electric options. The truck, provided by Etobicoke-based ITD Industries Inc., will be primarily used for long-distance journeys within Ontario.

Gonzalo Gebara, Walmart Canada’s President and CEO, expressed pride in this achievement, stating, “This is a first for a retailer in Canada and is an example of how we will continue to push forward, embrace new technology and spark change within the industry.”

Nikola’s President and CEO, Steve Girsky, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the collaboration’s alignment with both companies’ sustainability goals. “This achievement underscores our shared vision for a zero-emissions future and the positive impact we can make together for our communities and the planet overall,” he said.

WalMart Canada

Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Electrification, Stephen Lecce, praised Walmart’s initiative, noting that the province’s expansion of clean energy production creates a favorable environment for businesses to invest in hydrogen technology.

Michael Buna, Senior Director of Walmart Canada’s national fleet, reiterated the company’s ambitious plans. “We’re proud to be the first retailer in Canada to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell semi-truck to our fleet as a major milestone towards achieving that goal,” he said.

The Nikola truck operates by storing high-pressure gaseous hydrogen in specialized tanks, converting it to electricity through the fuel cell stack, and producing water vapor as the only byproduct. This electricity powers the vehicle’s e-axle, demonstrating a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel engines.

According to Natural Resources Canada, hydrogen is a crucial element in achieving a carbon-neutral future due to its high energy content and abundance.

Walmart Canada operates over 400 stores nationwide, serving 1.5 million customers daily. As one of Canada’s largest employers, Walmart Canada is committed to sustainability and community support, having raised and donated over $750 million to Canadian charities since 1994. More information is available on their website and social media platforms.

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