XCharge NA Unveils Innovative EV Charger

XCharge North America (NA) has inaugurated its headquarters in Kyle, Texas, introducing the Net Zero Series, the U.S.’s first truly battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger. This launch, celebrated with local dignitaries including Kyle Mayor Travis Mitchell, marks a significant advancement in EV charging technology and infrastructure.

Why It Matters

This development is crucial in a region with limited EV charging options. Kyle and surrounding areas, home to over 123,000 residents, have just 20 public EV charging stations. XCharge NA’s new facility aims to significantly improve EV accessibility, aligning with growing environmental consciousness and the demand for greener transportation solutions.

Key Points:

  • XCharge NA specializes in Level-3 EV chargers and energy storage devices.
  • The new facility spans 3,500 square feet, with plans to expand to 20,000 square feet.
  • Collaboration with the Greater San Marcos Partnership was key in developing this project.
  • The Net Zero Series charger represents a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.
  • The initiative is expected to boost local economy through job creation and community involvement.
  • Kyle Mayor Travis Mitchell emphasizes the strategic importance of this facility in Central Texas’s EV infrastructure expansion.

Bottom Line

XCharge North America’s launch of its innovative Net Zero Series charger in Kyle, Texas, is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a significant stride towards a greener future. This initiative not only enhances local EV infrastructure but also promises economic growth and environmental benefits. As EVs continue to gain traction, such contributions are vital for sustainable urban development and energy independence.


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