XCharge Unveils Texas EV Superhub Plans

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XCharge North America (NA), a specialist in DC high-power and battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has revealed plans for a state-of-the-art Battery Storage EV Charging Superhub at Watters Creek Village, a prominent mixed-use development near Dallas. This advanced facility will offer over 20 stalls equipped with ultra-fast chargers, capable of power outputs between 200kW to 400kW per port.

The Superhub will become the region’s largest non-Tesla DC fast-charging location. It features an exceptional 3 megawatt-hours of storage capacity to support power grid operations. Notably, the design prioritizes resilience against severe weather conditions. The hub has the ability to store and redistribute energy resources, surpassing mere EV charging to actively bolster the neighborhood power grid during energy fluctuations. This showcases Watters Creek’s focus on sustainable, community-centric endeavors.

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As a diverse destination for shopping, dining, office spaces, and residential options, Watters Creek Village will reap the benefits of XCharge NA’s chargers. They will promote eco-friendly transportation while potentially generating new income sources for businesses.

“We are thrilled to partner with XCharge North America to introduce permanent and innovative infrastructure solutions to the Dallas community,” says James Roussel with Watters Creek Village. “…we invite you to visit our ever-improving shopping center… the addition of the XCharge EV Charging Superhub will be another amenity available to our community.”

This project marks XCharge NA’s second installation in Allen, following the establishment of charging infrastructure at the MD7 headquarters in 2023.

“XCharge North America remains at the forefront of sustainable mobility innovation, and our vision advances with the unveiling of the 3MWH Battery Storage Grid Support at the Watters Creek Village mixed-use development near Dallas,” says XCharge North America President Aatish Patel. “With over 20 ultra-fast ports, this cutting-edge facility represents a noteworthy stride towards more sustainable and easily accessible electric vehicle infrastructure.”

About XCharge North America XCharge North America is a leading high-power EV charging solutions provider, specializing in DC fast charging and battery-integrated products tailored for the North American electrical grid. Leveraging an experienced R&D team and an emphasis on new product innovation, XCharge North America is dedicated to shaping the future of electric mobility by creating more sustainable charging infrastructure.

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