Xos, Inc. Highlights Development of Electric Fleet with Loomis

Partnership with Xos enables Loomis to increase overall corporate sustainability and decrease carbon emissions during transport of cash and valuables in Xos’ fully electric armored trucks

LOS ANGELES – Xos, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fully electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial vehicles that recently announced a planned business combination with NextGen Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: NGAC, “NextGen”), today highlighted how its strategic partnership with the Loomis Group (“Loomis”) to deliver fully electric armored vehicles for the transport of cash and other valuables has enhanced the delivery experience for Loomis drivers and improved Loomis’ environmental footprint.

Xos vehicles have been deployed in field operations since 2018, with a customer base that includes UPS, Loomis, Lonestar, and Wiggins, and develops its 100% electric vehicles to meet each customer’s unique needs and specifications. For Loomis, Xos developed Class 6 electric armored vehicles designed to satisfy Loomis’ security requirements and mission objectives, supported by Xos’ X-Platform (proprietary, purpose-built vehicle chassis platform). The company is currently preparing to deliver 20 additional vehicles to be deployed across New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and Texas by the end of the year.


“This partnership demonstrates the flexibility of Xos’ platform and the numerous opportunities for Xos’ proprietary technology to enable the electrification of last-mile fleets with highly specific needs,” said Dakota Semler, Xos’ Co-Founder and CEO. “Loomis is a unique customer in that they are a fleet of armored vans that carry cash and other valuables, so strict security requirements are in place. For security reasons, the vehicles must constantly run while en-route , resulting in significant idling time. We are excited that Loomis chose Xos to begin to electrify their fleet as it underscores the effectiveness, durability, and reliability of our vehicles.

“Loomis possesses extremely high standards regarding our responsibility to our customers and the safety of their goods, and this mission supports our deep commitment to running a business that is sustainable over the long-term,” said Jenny Palmblad, Sustainability Manager at Loomis. “We chose to partner with Xos to begin to electrify our transport fleet as Xos was able to promptly deliver a vehicle to the road that meets all of our key specifications, including range, payload capacity, ease of operation, and ease of charge. Xos’ trucks have proven to be silent and easy to drive, with no heavy feel despite our vehicles’ large size, and have significantly enhanced our drivers’ delivery experience.

“Loomis has taken a significant step forward in our endeavors to reduce our carbon emissions thanks to our collaboration with Xos, and the electric fleet that we have developed together is a testament to what innovation can do,” Ms. Palmblad added.

The company expects to close its previously announced business combination with NextGen in the third quarter of 2021.


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