Electreon and GINAF Achieve Breakthrough with Wireless Charging Integration

Electreon and GINAF unveil a milestone in electric vehicle innovation with the integration of wireless charging technology in a 50-ton truck, sparking a significant advancement in the quest to achieve net-zero road transport emissions.

What’s Happening

Leading wireless EV charging technology developer and provider, Electreon (TASE: ELWS), and Dutch commercial vehicle manufacturer GINAF, announced the successful integration of Electreon’s wireless charging system into a GINAF 50-ton truck. The integration enables continuous charging of the electric vehicle while it’s parked, idling, or even on the go, significantly reducing operational costs and expanding the vehicle’s range.

Why It Matters

This integration marks an essential stride in mitigating the pressing environmental concerns associated with road and freight transport. Approximately 77% of the European Union’s transport emissions originate from road transport, a sector that has lagged behind the European Green Deal’s goals set in 2006. Traditional plug-in charging solutions for EVs face numerous challenges, especially for long-haul logistics fleets, necessitating innovative solutions such as wireless EV charging.

Key Points

The successful integration involves the application of Electreon’s wireless charging system to the GINAF GE2121 truck, a modified DAF XF. Following rigorous testing on Electreon’s stationary and dynamic wireless charging stations, the wireless truck demonstrated impressive performance, hinting at the potential for a sustainable transition in the logistics and transport sector.

Bottom Line

In the pursuit of net-zero road transport emissions, the Electreon and GINAF partnership signifies a crucial step. GINAF CEO Roeland van der Woude expressed satisfaction with the truck’s performance, highlighting their commitment to providing sustainable solutions for transport companies. Electreon’s Regional Director, Håkan Sundelin, emphasized the seamless integration process, indicating readiness for larger-scale deployments.

In the pipeline is the expansion of this innovative solution to additional GINAF trucks and future Electreon projects. Electreon and GINAF also announced their collaboration with REARQ, a Swedish company specializing in circular economy practices. This partnership aims to retrofit existing internal combustion engine vehicles into EVs, pushing the adoption of electric trucks in Nordic markets and moving the industry closer to a zero-emissions future.


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