Fastenal Teams Up with ZEVX for Fleet Electrification

Fastenal Company, a leader in industrial supply, has chosen ZEVX, a global frontrunner in electric vehicle (EV) technology, for a trial to electrify certain trucks within their fleet.

Why It Matters

Transitioning to electric vehicles presents a vital step for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve operational efficiencies. With this partnership, Fastenal aims to leverage ZEVX’s advanced EV systems to further its environmental goals and enhance its last-mile delivery operations.

Key Points

  • ZEVX specializes in battery electric power systems and offers critical data intelligence for e-mobility applications.
  • The company’s product line allows for swift transitions of Class 2 to 5 commercial fleet assets and auxiliary power systems to a zero-carbon framework.
  • Sydney Dunn, SVP of Sales & Field Operations at ZEVX, emphasized shared objectives between the two companies, highlighting efforts to reduce carbon emissions, cut costs, and prolong the lifespan of existing commercial vehicles.
  • Kevin Larson, Fastenal’s VP of Transportation, expressed the company’s intent to spearhead innovative solutions in commercial transport, viewing the ZEVX technology as a potential accelerator in their carbon reduction journey.

Bottom Line

After successfully completing the proof-of-concept stage, Fastenal’s collaboration with ZEVX signifies a six-state operational trial. This initiative will deploy ZEVX’s top-tier battery electric powertrain and power system products to retrofit up to 16 Fastenal vehicles in the coming year, marking a significant move towards sustainable and efficient fleet management.


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