Ford Introduces Ranger Plug-In Hybrid Truck in the UK

Ford is set to introduce its first-ever Ranger Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle to the mid-size truck market segment. Production is slated to begin in late 2024, with deliveries to customers commencing in early 2025.

Why It Matters

This launch signifies a major leap in Ford’s strategy to present an extensive array of powertrain options for its mid-sized pickup truck audience. As cities globally introduce stricter emission standards and low-emission zones, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid’s ability to run on pure electric mode offers businesses an advantageous solution.

Ford Introduces Ranger Plug-In Hybrid Truck in the UK

Key Points

  • The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid combines a 2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost petrol engine with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery system.
  • This hybrid system promises more torque than any other Ranger and offers a targeted driving range of over 28 miles in pure electric mode.
  • The vehicle retains the same towing capacity as its counterparts, with a targeted maximum braked towing capacity of 3,500kg.
  • Pro Power Onboard is featured, allowing users to plug in power tools and appliances both in the cargo bed and the cabin, eliminating the need for separate generators.
  • It retains the Ranger’s known four-wheel drive off-road ability and includes 5 selectable drive modes along with advanced driver safety features.

Bottom Line

Ford’s Ranger Plug-in Hybrid represents a convergence of eco-friendly driving and the robust capabilities synonymous with pickup trucks. As Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro in Europe, puts it: the vehicle offers a “best-of-both-worlds solution” for diverse needs, from work to leisure, enabling seamless transitions between electric and hybrid performance.


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