Ford Trucks Partners with Quantron for H2 Vehicles

Quantron AG, a leading company in clean technology and sustainable transport, has entered a collaborative agreement with Ford Trucks, a prominent name in the heavy commercial vehicle industry. The two firms have sealed the deal with a Letter of Intent (LOI) emphasizing their shared interest in pioneering emission-free transport alternatives. The key focus of their partnership revolves around hydrogen fuel cell technology for heavy-duty trucks. The groundbreaking Quantron Inside technology, boasting features such as an innovative e-axle, high-power battery, optimized aerodynamics, and more, will be assessed for its suitability in Ford Trucks’ lineup. The ultimate aim? To speed up the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to the market.

Ford Trucks plans to adhere to the latest security regulations, with their advanced trucks integrated with Quantron’s tech expected as early as Q1, 2024. Quantron’s track record, having successfully delivered over 200 zero-emission vehicles, places it in a strong position to further Ford Truck’s sustainability initiatives. Both companies’ leaders share an enthusiastic outlook, with Quantron’s CEO, Michael Perschke, emphasizing the strategic importance of partnering with an established name like Ford Trucks. Emrah Duman, Leader of Ford Trucks, highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and the anticipated value of their partnership with Quantron.

Key Points

  • Quantron AG and Ford Trucks have signed an LOI for collaborative efforts in emission-free transport.
  • The collaboration centers on hydrogen fuel cell technology for heavy-duty trucks.
  • Quantron’s innovative tech will be integrated into Ford’s advanced trucks by Q1, 2024.
  • Quantron has a history of over 200 zero-emission vehicle deliveries.
  • Ford Trucks is eyeing zero emissions in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040.

Bottom Line

This alliance not only strengthens the positions in sustainable mobility but also highlights the commitment both companies have toward a more environmentally friendly future in transportation. Ford Trucks’ dedication to innovation, especially in electrification and hydrogen technology, combined with Quantron’s proven expertise, promises a brighter, greener future in the heavy commercial vehicle domain.


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