GWM Unveils Multiple EVs at Chengdu Motor Show 2022

BAODING, China – GWM displayed various eye-catching electric vehicles at the Chengdu Motor Show 2022. During the show, a variety of hybrid electric vehicles have been brought by HAVAL, TANK and WEY, helping strengthen the hybrid product matrix of GWM.

The other two pure electric brands which are ORA and SAR also won massive attention and became the spotlight with their innovative interactive forms and differentiated styles.

“As a pioneer in driving conventional car companies’ transformation toward electrification and intelligentization, GWM has been insisting on speeding up the implementation of the new energy strategy,” commented NetEase, China’s leading news media.

HAVAL is positioned as a “New Energy SUV Expert”, and all its models displayed in Hall 1 are new energy vehicles, such as H6-HEV, H6-PHEV and H-DOG. Specifically, the new electric hybrid SUV HAVAL H-DOG made its global debut, adopting 1.5T+DHT-PHEV Powertrain, with a total torque of 530N•m and total power of 240kW. It propels users to broaden life boundaries with a cozier driving space.

Now, HAVAL has already marched toward the new energy field, and several hybrid SUVs of the brand can cater to diverse user demands for green travel in the global market.

TANK also exhibited two new energy models at the booth in Hall 8, namely TANK300 HEV and TANK500 PHEV. These two models can integrate reliable and stable off-road capability with powerful new energy power, allowing customers to get an off-road experience while enjoying the green and convenient travel at the same time.

Then, WEY brought about Coffee 01, Latte DHT-PHEV (for the Chinese market) and other high-end intelligent new energy models at the show, thus leading to the new trend of intelligent driving. Particularly, Coffee 01, the first model for WEY’s entry into Europe, has drawn the attention of industry professionals and local users as soon as it was unveiled in the European market.

Currently, in the field of new energy, GWM has established a development strategy that focuses on multiple technology routes, such as hybrid electric and pure electric, to accelerate the layout in the new energy field.

In terms of R&D, the company has scaled up investment and said that by 2025, GWM will invest a total of CNY 100 billion for new energy and intelligence-based technologies to create a greener, smarter and safer products for users.

At the 2025 Strategy Global Launch Conference, the company announced that GWM’s new energy vehicles will account for 80% by 2025.

Mu Feng, President of GWM, said at the HAVAL brand new energy strategy conference, “GWM’s new energy strategy is in full swing.”


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