IKEA UK Invests £4.5M in Nationwide EV Charging Infrastructure for Zero Emissions Deliveries

What’s Happening: IKEA UK has announced a £4.5 million investment to create a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The plan includes installing 196 chargers, 53 of which will be rapid, at IKEA stores and the new Dartford customer distribution centre. The infrastructure aims to support the company’s goal of achieving 100% zero emissions deliveries by 2025.

Why It Matters: This investment is a crucial step in IKEA’s sustainability and climate-positive goals. It will also help the UK Government achieve its legally binding target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Additionally, the EV infrastructure will contribute to improving air quality and creating healthier communities.

IKEA UK Invests £4.5M in Nationwide EV Charging Infrastructure for Zero Emissions Deliveries

Key Points:

  • IKEA plans to achieve 60% zero emission deliveries in the UK and Ireland by summer 2023.
  • The chargers will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources.
  • The EV charging infrastructure will be one of the largest for last-mile fleets in the UK.
  • The charging points will be used by both IKEA and partner electric vehicles.
  • IKEA is partnering with Mer, a European charging company owned by Statkraft, for the implementation and ongoing management of the infrastructure.

Bottom Line: IKEA’s £4.5 million investment in a nationwide EV charging infrastructure demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. This project will not only help IKEA achieve its zero emissions goals but also support the UK Government’s net zero targets and improve overall air quality.


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