Pioneer Power Supports Fairfield’s Electric Bus Fleet

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc., a frontrunner in electrical power systems and EV charging solutions, has been selected by the City of Fairfield, California, to provide their e-Boost trailer-mounted unit for Fairfield’s electric public bus fleet. This unit features a high-capacity DC charger powered by a 240kW propane engine.

Why It Matters

This initiative is crucial for Fairfield’s commitment to sustainability and its transit electrification plan. Being situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and housing Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield is in a strategic position to lead in clean energy transportation.

In 2022, the Federal Transit Administration endowed the City of Fairfield with a $12.0 million grant for transit electrification. The funds are slated for purchasing electric buses, chargers, infrastructure enhancements, and workforce development. Fairfield-Suisun Transit (FAST) aims to meet California’s clean transit regulations, mandating all buses to be emission-free by 2040, through this electrification.

Key Points

  • Pioneer’s e-Boost unit will facilitate mobile charging and act as a backup power source during potential power outages.
  • Fairfield received a federal grant of $12.0 million in 2022 to promote transit electrification.
  • The funds will cover:
    • Five GILLIG battery electric buses
    • Three ChargePoint chargers
    • Infrastructure and vehicle maintenance facility upgrades
    • Workforce training
  • The California Air Resources Board requires a zero-emission bus fleet by 2040, and FAST is addressing this through fleet electrification.

Bottom Line

Pioneer Power’s e-Boost unit is an innovative solution that supports the rapid transition to electric bus fleets in municipalities, offering flexibility and resilience. As the first municipality to adopt the e-Boost for an electrified fleet, Fairfield sets the pace for other cities worldwide. Pioneer Power anticipates delivering the system by the end of 2023 and expects an expansion in the electric bus market in the forthcoming months.


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