US Drivers Lean Towards Electric Vehicles

VinFast, a burgeoning Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, and The Harris Poll, a renowned global market research company, have jointly unveiled the results of a recent survey exploring the attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of U.S. drivers towards electric vehicles.

Why It Matters

This study, executed in July 2023 and encompassing the views of over 1,800 American drivers, reveals a significant upward trend in the inclination of U.S. consumers towards electric vehicles. The findings are particularly notable as they showcase a dramatic growth in EV interest, doubling from the previous year.

Key Points

  • EV Adoption on the Rise: While only 9% of American drivers currently own an EV, a substantial 54% of gasoline vehicle users are considering an EV for their subsequent purchase or lease.
  • Customer Loyalty & Openness: 84% of existing EV owners are keen on acquiring another EV, suggesting a potential EV dominance in the near future. Moreover:
    • 54% of traditional vehicle users are open to purchasing an EV from a newly introduced brand if it meets their requirements.
    • 85% of current EV users would opt for an EV from a novel automotive brand with the desired features.
  • Drivers’ EV Preferences:
    • Primary considerations include: affordability (58%), easy charging (54%), safety (45%), warranty and service (35%), advanced driving tech (23%), and aesthetics (16%).
    • A considerable 48% demand more seating options, followed by greater storage (47%), varied body designs (46%), and color choices (17%).
  • Warranty Significance:
    • 74% associate longer warranties with higher vehicle quality.
    • 76% would be more inclined to choose an EV offering an extensive or unlimited battery warranty.
  • Economic and Environmental Factors:
    • 54% of gasoline vehicle users see cost as a barrier to EV adoption.
    • 62% view gas savings as an attractive EV benefit, while 58% are motivated by environmental reasons, and 70% believe EVs are crucial for a sustainable future.
  • Youth and EVs:
    • Young drivers (18-44) show a higher interest in EVs compared to older age groups (45+), with safety and innovative technologies like autonomous driving being pivotal factors for their choice.

Bottom Line

The shift in American drivers’ preferences toward electric vehicles is palpable, presenting immense opportunities for EV manufacturers. By addressing consumers’ primary concerns and capitalizing on the growing demand, the automotive industry stands on the brink of a transformative era. The emphasis on environmental benefits, coupled with the younger generation’s positive disposition toward EVs, further propels this movement forward.


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